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a cup of Noble Coyote Coffee Roasters

June 4, 2013

I really enjoyed talking and drinking coffee with Noble Coyote Coffee Roasters Kevin and Marta. Their location east of White Rock Lake was a little farther than i’ve been before but once we stepped in their space we knew we were in the right place. Kevin has been passionate about coffee for years and when they were looking for a new direction they decided to start roasting themselves 2 years ago. IMG_9655

They deliver coffee to homes, grocery stores and restaurants as well as selling at farmers markets. They have enjoyed getting know other roasters in the area and wish that was more of a theme in the DFW coffee culture. IMG_9656

I was interested in their name “Noble Coyote” and they conveyed their desire to treat the farmer fairly in their business interactions. The coyote is a name for people who wait on the U.S./Mexico border and bring people and goods into the United States. They are known for cheating those they work with. Marta and Kevin want to be the noble version of this idea in their dealings with coffee farmers. They also see coyotes when they are on Kevin’s dad’s land in Santa Fe and is a special animal to them. IMG_9657


They use the 5 kilo U.S. Roaster Guild roaster from the beginning, after experimenting with skillets and grills, and have named her Geraldine. They are excited about working on a project called Cafe Momentum that gives back to the community when you buy their coffee. I am excited to see another roaster in the area and look forward to seeing their coffee elsewhere! Thanks for sharing with us!IMG_9664

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