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a cup of industry interviews

May 29, 2013


I had the pleasure of meeting Kim at the Counter Culture booth during SCAA. She has a job that I admire and am interested in doing and was friendly enough to tell me how she got there. She’s worked with Counter Culture Coffee for 9 years and is one of their coffee buyers and sustainability managers. She’s from Durham, NC and when she returned after college with her English degree she headed for the book store, when that job did not pan out she went next door to the cafe. While the coffee was not up to the standard it is today it opened a new world to her and let her see that many of the things that she was looking for as a career in areas of social justice, sustainable agriculture, and latin america were answered in coffee. She started to learn more and found Counter Culture through an ad in the newspaper. Kim started in customer service and through demos learned how to describe the coffee and interact with the customer in lots of different ways. As customers wanted to know more it opened up an space to tell coffee farmers stories and to be more involved with that side of coffee production. There is so much to learn about coffee, its preparation, technical aspects that it always keeps her engaged and interested. Like a true coffee person when I asked what her favorite beverage was she said its hard to choose. But she’s excited about whatever is new to Counter Culture. She really likes their washed coffees from Yirgacheffe cooperative unions. She feels they are the best coffees out there right now based on their cupping scores but they are also very drinkable and delicious. Thanks for sharing Kim!

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