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a cup of barista stories

May 21, 2013


How long have you been a barista? I’ve been a barista coming up on 6 years

Let me get your name…i’m Lauren Crabbe

Where are you at? I’m in the process of starting my own cafe.

oh, wow

where did you start? I started at the Pannikin cafe in La Jolla CA, I met my husband there, we were both baristas together and then we moved to San Francisco and worked in shops separately and decided to start our own thing, late last year.

Your at blue bottle now? I’m at blue bottle now, i’ve been working there for the past few years. they’ve been great, they’ve been supportive throughout the start up process and i’m working there till my cafes open. We’re calling it Andy town we’re naming it after the neighborhood that my husband grew up in in Belfast Ireland.

Where is it going to be? In the outer sunset in San Francisco, i’ll give you a card that has the address on it, but  we’re just getting a little 5 kilo Probat and roasting away.

Why do you love coffee? Why are you still in it? Its literally addicting which is nice but what attracts me to it as a barista and a cafe owner is the idea of making a product that affects people’s lives all around the world, that supply chain is so long and at the same time as a cafe owner you have a lot of control over your product and over where it comes from and how other people are treated on the other side of the globe and I really look forward to having a product that supports my social justice thing.

How have you seen the specialty coffee world change since you’ve been in it? When I started it was still, for me i started at a syrups type of shop, even then I’ve always loved the way it tasted and focusing on the purity of coffee instead of additives, Because if your product is really good its going to taste good by itself and its going to positively benefit everyone on the supply chain you know , people that can pick the coffee beans and feed their families to baristas who can get their way through college or whatever its a constant, very supportive industry and that’s what really attracted me to coffee on the professional level, besides just being a barista to get through journalism school.

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