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a cup of Frank

March 28, 2013











South by Southwest is something I have always wanted to be a part of and when I realized it would allow me more time to try all the awesome coffee in Austin I jumped at the chance. We worked with Air BnB serving up coffee in their listings but the real fun happened when Garold took me to some of the best shops in the area. I wanted to start  with Frank because i’ve heard such good things about all of their programs. The amazing food and coffee. That is not an easy combination to nail so I wanted to see them at work.
IMG_9524It was very well done. The long, bar layout allows for a multi definitional feel. The coffee service was on the immediate left when I walked in so I was able to order from the counter. For food you waited to be seated and have table service. The baristas behind the bar were very friendly and immediately started talking to me about the coffee, from a variety of roasters, posted on the wall; about their small but very efficient lay out and about the other things Frank’s offers such as live music. {I’ m really hoping Jacob gets to play here.} With it being South by the parking was awful and I had to leave quickly but the cortado Jocelyn made for me was beautiful and delicious with the Handsome coffee they suggested. I can’t wait to be back again!

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