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a cup of barista stories

March 15, 2013

I really enjoyed talking with Skylar from Gatsby’s coffee at Barista Nation. He’s been in Specialty Coffee for a while and I can’t wait to share some of his insights.


How long have you worked as a barista? since 2005

Where? Sugar Brown’s in Lubbock and Gatsby’s

How did you start working at Gatsby’s? Sugar Brown’s closed and I moved to LA  for school. When Amanda Stewart opened Gatsby’s it was a good opportunity to be on the education side of Gatsby’s. Their motto is coffee for the people. Teach people that you can do great coffee at home, come out to talk to people from the community, and  connect with global community by making great coffee, seed to cup philosophy.

Gets to train people on french press, and other methods.

What is seed to cup? one of our baristas is also a roaster, Mecca Coffee Roasters, not directly connected but making friends with Roman in Canyon. He lets us know information, broker directly to the farms.  We are finding out what it meant to take care of cup, be a fair trade community. We are committed to  know as much as we can and people that we work with know as much as they can.

How have you seen the coffee culture change? It is exploding, this year the Barista Throwdown League was started, only one in country that is all under one banner. Sugar Browns started out with Summer Moon, wood fired coffee, out of Austin, thought it was great but it was just crappy, see people come along from there.

5 years ago no one knew what to order, doppio, ristretto, seeing people informed wasn’t there even three years ago. Jason Haggar-AJ coffee, R-Canyon great growing community, cool to see it grow. I’ve  seen Barista Magazine from conception, Post third wave, Texas is growing with, not behind.

Why are you a barista? I love coffee people, not many places where you have geeky people, specs, TDS levels, its amazing to be a part of something that’s been a staple of thousands of years, yet on the cusp of a new thing. I can’t wait to see the next step. It started in Ethiopia, and Sumatra, humanity come together over a simple thing, a plant.

I love that there’s a place in coffee for everyone.

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