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a cup of barista stories

March 6, 2013

I met Noe through the TNT comptition and I was really excited to talk to him at Barista Nation!


How long? 1 1/2 years.

Where have you worked? Starbucks for 1 and a 1/2 years and then I went to pearl cup for 6 months,I am  about to transition to Cultivar. I am excited about that , it will be fun

why did you become a barista? I did a cupping with manager at starbucks, we sat down and talked, about the different steps and making coffee, I really liked the experience, I took it on myself to learn more, they weren’t  really offering that at Starbucks. I got a small espresso machine, I checked out you tube, I learned on my own, I brought that knowledge to starbucks. I did latte art at starbucks and practiced while it was slow. I asked people what they thought , I made free drinks for people. Once I moved to Pearl Cup Jared and Mike showed me espresso skills,they showed what was I lacking. It is nice to be a part of a coffee culture.  My first throwdown was at Oddfellows. I am ready to move to something different at Cultivar. Jon and Cultivar do a great job of controlling the espresso, keeping quality levels up.

what do you like most about being a barista? I like building the drink, espresso based drink. One point from the moment espresso stops brewing and about to pour, many different ideas of what to pour in my head, how can i top this one? its about how to perfect the craft. There is no perfection yet,  you are always trying to get there.

how culture changed? not sure I have not been involved long enough, lived a little way south of Dallas. This is a great turn out at Barista Nation, its great to see young people caring and wanting to learn more.

where do you want to go? the goal is to continue to learn from as many people as possible, roast , trips to farm, no real end, involved in beginning.

Thanks Noe!

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