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a cup of mudsmith

February 27, 2013







I  was very intrigued by this new cafe in Dallas. The owner came into AVOCA a couple of times during the opening and we discussed roasters in the area and in San Francisco. She went with Four Barrel Coffee not only for coffee but in the decor as well. There are four boar’s heads hanging in Four Barrel and there are many stuffed animal heads throughout Mudsmith. The design is very interesting, in that when you walk in the door the bar is directly in front of you like an island with space on either sides. There is also a secluded room in the back that seems conducive for studying. I really enjoyed the house made croissant and they had a variety of sandwiches that looked delicious. We tried the chemex pour over, the french press and a cortado. I loved the la marzoco’s they had which will be able to support a high volume of drinks. The slow bar for hand  brewed drinks was off to the side and in a booth setting which added some drama to the act and also made it easy to discuss the drinks being prepared. I think they are off to a good start and I hope to see them add to the DFW coffee community.

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