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a cup of barista stories

February 21, 2013

I am so excited to post this Barista Stories post as I just learned that I will be continuing the project in Boston at SCAA. I will be at the Barista Nation booth at the event and will be working on another project as well! Keep checking back for more updates. Today I am sharing Patrick’s story and enjoyed hearing about the work they are doing in Canyon, Tx.


How long have you been in coffee?  For 5 years, I  started at a church, design and set up inside a church, vendors, I made it profitable, I learned how you could do it. I wanted to own a shop for awhile, I went full time after I owned a shop,

Which cafe do you own? Palace coffee in Canyon tx

Do you roast? We do not roast,We let the experts do it,

Which roaster? We use evocation, we are a single roaster shop. We work side by side but we also  have Avoca’s decaf.

Why did you want to have a cafe? I enjoy people, I’ve always done retail, I love serving people, providing really great product, and knowing them on deeper level. We give them the best. Palace is designed to come in and sit down, interact, I get to talk to people while on bar and in the shop. I love talking.

How have you seen the coffee culture change? Its really been in the past year and a half, we’ve seen  3rd wave movement take root and grow. Its expanded our vision for coffee, challenged us to do better, and offer better. I love finding shops I can send customers to when they travel.

Why in canyon? I am from Amarillo, I am looking at bigger cities but couldn’t shake canyon, there is a college there, there’s not much for them to do.

Why did you start the Barista Throwdown League? Its a way to bring baristas together from different shops, that might not know the 3rd way, challenge each other, invest, it creates a better product for all customers, it’s a 6 month league, and we’re all really getting to know each other.

How long has that been going on? We launched in March, looking to start BTL in other areas, we’ve done a documentary style video.

I can’t wait to see how the Barista Throwdown league develops and try your cafe.

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