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a cup of barista stories

February 14, 2013

Thomas is a friend of Jacob’s from Lubbock. I was surprised to see him at the Barista Nation Event, but though he’s no longer a barista he had a lot to say about barista culture.


Thomas Paessler

How long have you been a barista? 2 1/2 years

Why did you become? Working with baristas in Lubbock at Sugar Browns who educated their market and I ended up behind the bar.

Why did you like it? Its an art, and just like being behind bar, there’s a responsibiity, that’s really nice, to the craft and to the consumer, to your own sense of quality,

where are you now? I’m a bartender at bar paschal

how and why did you transition? mixology attracts people in the same way, complex craft, I started behind coffee bar now I’m behind liquor bar, there is a good feeling behind bar, the resurgence of cocktail movement seems to be parallel to the quality coffee movement. I want to be educated, and I’m always looking for quality.

Favorite drink: The Ernest Hemingway Death in the afternoon: absinthe topped with champagne, For coffee its the double capp

How have you seen change?

People are starting to give a shit. They want quality in their lives so they seek it in the products they consume,

The consumer market has been feeding them mediocrity, and when you offer them affordable quality it catches on. You are selling experience in both markets…people like to feel fancy

what else do you do? music? the bar is owned by the band midlake, I love music, I named a drink after Norah Jones, the Ms. Jones, she calls it “the pain in the ass”.

Thanks Thomas!

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