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a cup of barista stories

February 4, 2013


  1. Amanda Stewart

How long have you been a barista? 41/2 years.

Where? Lubbock, Daybreak and J and B, own my own. Gatsby’s, its named after my dog.

Why did you want your own? Other shops were not as progressive, I wished we could do this, ask these questions? share this with customers, use different roasters?, a lot of things would change if I had my own shop.

How old are you? Im 24, Its very unexpected to own a shop and get to work with friends,

What coffee do yall use? Evocation-Amarillo, TX- primary, – espresso, Oak cliff, AJ Coffee, Mecca Coffee, how did you decide? I knew Roman, It was good timing, Their mission statement is to keep everything from inside texas. Right now I work as a barista 50-60 hours a aweek.

What do you love about being a barista?I love the community, know people, every one is really nice, share info amongst other cafes. For example, Patrick, from Palace coffee in Canyon, has offered to to help with accounting, he’s very open. educating customers, the caramel machiatto is this, helping them realize there are other options.

the importance of being friendly

How have you seen change? Sugar Brown’s opened, it got you interested in coffee, they closed, filled the spot, seen the group grow and grow, looking for what sb’s had. niche group is getting bigger.

Anything you want to share for other baristas who might want to have a cafe? Opening a cafe is a lot harder than you might think. Keep an open mind, and be focused, others always trying to influence you, so make sure you stay true to your idea.

We have a brew Bar by the cash register, people love it! Chemex, Clever, V60, preses, aero press occasionally.

Thanks Amanda! I can’t wait to try Gatsby’s next time I’m in Lubbock

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