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a cup of Big Central

January 30, 2013








I was very excited to attend the Big Central Regional Barista Competition and Brewers Cup this year in Kansas City. Last year the event was held in Chicago so this was a much more feasible drive. I’d never been to KC but was really impressed by the old buildings, delicious food and the amazing Liberty Memorial. There will be more pictures to follow once I get my film developed.

I competed in the Brewers Cup for the first time. It was a very informative experience. I used the Kone in the Chemex and produced consistent good coffee, but did not make it into the finals. I was the only girl in South Central and hope that changes in the next year. I was very proud of my friend Jonathan Aldrich, from Houndstooth, for his win with the Clever dripper. It was amazing to see so many people passionate and excited about coffee. I really enjoyed tasting some of the coffee from the North Central Brewers Cup finals. The many flavors possible from a coffee bean are always surprising.

The Barista Level 1 Certification was also offered that weekend so I signed up last week. Apparently the certifications are offered at every SCAA event and you must sign up the Friday before. I went in to the test after minimal studying due to a busy week but I would suggest using the cupping books offered through SCAA to get the correct definitions and labels. I won’t find out if I made it for a month but I’ll keep you updated on my process.

We went to quite a few different cafes on the way and in Kansas City so stay tuned for updates!

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