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a cup of barista stories

January 23, 2013


I am very excited to present the South Central Regional Brewers Cup Winner! I got to speak with Jonathan at Barista Nation but i’ve known him for awhile and it was very fun to get to spend the weekend with him at the Competition. Here’s our interview from last November.



How long have you worked in coffee? a little over 5 years

Where? white rock coffee and Caffee Medici one year, Cultivar, August 2011

Why did you start? i just liked the coffee shop and wanted to get paid to hang out, it was fulfilling, I like people, it offers opportunities to do interesting things, and always found ways to keep me curious.

How do you think its changed? It started at white rock, it was like oh better than starbucks, but since then its become community oriented. that has continued, we want to help the community we are in, now the question was is this better than starbucks?, is this the best we can be? what is the most we can achieve from what we are doing

I have worked in barista and management, usually behind the bar.

Why do you continue working in coffee? the people are what keep me interested, meeting new people, continuing to take what I know and making coffee and sharing through great experience. I enjoy hosting so this allows me to do that. The coffee community is very friendly and awesome. being a part of that drives me to stay in it.

favorite coffee drink? probably a 130 degree americano 4-5 oz

Thanks Jonathan, Congratulations again and we can’t wait to see you compete at Nationals in Boston!


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