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a cup of barista stories

January 12, 2013


  1. Meredith Koonce

How long have you been a barista? February 2008.

Why did you start? I needed a job in High School. working throughout college, caught the bug, became passionate.

Where did you work? Peet’s coffee and tea-college, in a Nashville-Italian restaurant-helped with espresso, Coffee and Cream in Dallas. Back to Peet’s quality control for DFW- then I was approached by Tim Cox at Frogg- love it.

Why do you love it? coffee is great but people are better. When you work in coffee you impact a person, I like starting someones day, it’s all about the community.

I get fullfillment out of brewing best coffee every day.

What coffee do yall use? Oak Cliff coffee

How? We do drip coffee using a Fetco, but we also hand brew- clever-V60, French Press, Chemex

Are people willing to wait? Allen is suburbia, but its an opportunity to break in and educate about coffee, show them its more than Starbucks.

How have you seen it change? In the past few years its really emerged. It used to be on coast, Dallas felt forgotten.  Cuvee in Austin started it off, the coffee culture is bringing people to appreciate what it has to offer. Starbucks and Dunkin Donuts have limited it but its changing.

Thanks Meredith!

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