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a cup of barista stories

January 2, 2013

Welcome back from the holidays! I want to introduce you to a barista outside of my usual scope. I was excited to talk to Aaron because he’s from Denton and I haven’t spoken to many baristas from there.


How long have you been a barista? 6 months

Why did you become a barista? I was a  bartender before, restaurant, fine dining, needed something new and liked hanging out with coffee community, people like Nathaniel Long, Sugar Brown’s, I went to competitions, helped to judge competitions, it became a natural extension, I  grew up in Lubbock.

where do you work now ? Denton, Seven-Mile  Cafe, restaurant and coffee, they are opening a new cafe, restaurant and coffee, using cuvee and stumptown, nice because reason he wanted to work there, Denton doesn’t have much of a community. I am hoping to help form this in Denton.

We’ve moved through the 1st, 2nd and 3rd wave but now he feels were working toward 4th, to be more communal,and include others.

How have you seen this change? 1st wave, 2nd wave, starbucks, 3rd-craft artisanship, 4 mos in Denton, I see people I knows from lots of different aspects of coffee, know each other and faces, getting to know these people, on the cusp of the 4th wave.

Why do you enjoy coffee? When I was a bartender,  I was not always the most sociable, this helped me talk to people, know more about them, more opportunity for that in coffee, I saw both sides of people’s lives when I worked mornings at cafe and evening at the bar. I like being invested in something for work. I found this working in a restaurant with tequila and wine as well, working hard to bring product to people, want you to taste it, Its a hands on experience to prepare.

Thanks for participating, its good to hear from you, I can’t wait to try the Seven Mile cafe!

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