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a cup of importing

October 24, 2012

While writing my thesis I became very excited about all the ways that coffee can improve peoples lives. Responsible, relational importing is one area that has huge rewards. Since then I have researched and explored many different ways that this can be done both positively and negatively. When I heard about Sustainable Harvest a few years ago I was very impressed with their relational format but was even more excited to hear about their Let’s Talk Coffee Conference. While they already have people living in country, working with the farmers to cultivate their beans and connect them to cafes, this conference is just one more step to emphasizing the importance of the coffee farmer and putting them in a central role of the conversation. These events have been held for 10 years. They occur in coffee growing regions and they bring together all kinds of coffee professionals to learn more about the coffee and build relationships with each other. The most recent Let’s Talk Coffee occurred in Colombia and from Sprudge’s and many other’s summaries sounds like it was a successful and amazing experience. I hope to see more of this kind of dedication and focus on the holistic life of coffee instead of just the business side, to create a sustainable specialty coffee future.

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