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a cup of brewed

October 15, 2012

I’ve heard about Brewed through the grapevine for the last couple of years. My parents are friends with a few of the owners and I discussed the owners goals for the coffee program a year or so ago. I’ve seen the evolution of the building and I was very impressed when they opened last Thursday. What was a dingy, low lit, eighties style medical building is now a beautiful, warm, cafe.

Since this is a blog about coffee in DFW I am going to focus on the coffee side of things but i’ve heard great things about their food and alcoholic beverages. They serve Cuvee and AVOCA coffee. Cuvee is a specialty coffee roaster out of Austin and is a great example of third wave coffee that focuses on Direct Trade relationships that benefit the cafe and the farmer. AVOCA, as I’ve mentioned before, is a cafe and roaster here in Fort Worth that is also furthering knowledge about specialty coffee, why it is better and the work that goes into making each cup great.

I am very excited for this new addition to Magnolia St and Fort Worth. You can order coffee as pour over, drip, or espresso form which are the standards for a 3rd wave cafe. Yet they also have a variety of flavors and some interesting options for coffee ice cubes and milk and shaken drinks. The incredible espresso machine you see above is a La Marzoco Strada, and its bright yellow color may make it pop, but it is how flavorful the coffee tastes that you will notice right away. It is hard to mess up coffee on such a top of the line machine. But there are a lot of features that make it possible to take the espresso to the next level that I hope they learn to utilize.

Brewed seems to have a desire for community and a pursuit of quality, that takes the focus off of just profit for their business. I hope that the passion for quality increases though, in the arena of coffee. In my conversations with a few of the staff, albeit brief,  they did not show the depth of knowledge and passion for coffee,  that I would hope to find in a specialty coffee cafe. The cappuccino I was served was quite hot and foamy but the flavor of the espresso was delicious and strong. In many ways they remind me of Oddfellows, who I reviewed last year. They have quality food, delicious drinks and also serve Cuvee Coffee. Oddfellows also uses a La Marzoco Strada. Yet I know that when I go to Oddfellows I will receive a specialty level beverage, with latte art. I learn about the espresso from the barista and on all their tables they have flyers with descriptions of drinks, the difference between brewing methods and why their coffee is better than others. This knowledge adds to the experience and makes it worth the extra cost for the specialty beverage. I think Brewed has the potential to continue the spread of delicious, specialty beverages that improve quality of life for everyone involved and I hope they don’t settle for something less.

I look forward to seeing this growth as I enjoy their coffee in such a beautifully intentioned space.


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