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a cup of birmingham

January 30, 2012

i went to college in birmingham and fell in love with the hills, the people and the coffee. it’s a beautiful place and i’d been away too long, when we finally got to visit last December. jacob had never been before so it was wonderful to show him around, get to hang out with my college buddies and their significant others and taste the coffee that first showed me how good it could taste.  Some of my favorites experiences were the urban standard, Birmingham museum of art, nabeel’s, the vulcan, j clyde, boulder fields, the record stores in five points and eating at a new pizza place trattoria central.

{i know i’m bad at taking pictures of people but these are some of the worst examples i’ve seen, i don’t think there’s one face in any of them. i guess that’s why its one of my resolutions for this year. }

 i’m glad we live closer now so we could visit. it was so good to catch up with my friends, celebrate a graduation and show jacob a place that is so important to me.

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  1. Bryan Johnson permalink
    February 1, 2012 4:56 pm

    Yes! Love the post on BHM. We wish we had you here more often

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