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a cup of locally roasted

January 25, 2012

When I first moved to the neighborhood and mentioned my interest in coffee to the neighbors they pointed me in the direction of Locally Roasted only a couple of blocks away. Some of them got their coffee from there but all of them knew that he roasts in his garage and thought it was very cool. I’ve been wanting to meet up with Paul, the roaster, since then. We finally did in December in the midst of the Christmas rush which is why I’m just now getting this post out. He was gracious enough to let me intrude on the process and I was able to see his work from start to finish.  His coffee gear fits among the bikes and tools of any normal garage. You wouldn’t discern it from any other’s until you get that whiff of green coffee beans roasting and popping in the heat.

His path to this interesting hobby began when he worked in Prague. Coffee was expensive unless you bought it green. He rigged up a convection oven and became hooked. Once they returned to Fort Worth he kept up the hobby. But he’s now upgraded to the grill method of roasting and is able to roast four pounds at a time. Paul started to sell to the neighbors to subsidize his own habit. He spread the word by bringing brewed coffee to the neighborhood meetings and now delivers most of his coffee by bicycle. He buys 30-50 pounds at a time from Sweet Marias as well as a importer in Wisconsin. Single origin coffee is his favorite and most of his coffees are medium roast. Most importantly the coffee is ensured to be very fresh, he guarantees delivery within 24 hours of roasting. I know I enjoyed my bag of Guatemalan coffee!

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