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a cup of barista stories

December 5, 2011

one reason that i love coffee is that it has the ability to bring people together for many reasons. to start their day, to linger with friends or to help get their mind going to learn. the baristas who bring you this experience are there for many reasons as well.

 at avoca i work with some really amazing baristas. they are passionate about coffee and their customers. it is a privilege to work alongside them. while they will make you a delicious cup of coffee, there is a lot more to them than meets the eye.  i want to use a cup of texas as a space to introduce you to the unique baristas at my cafe and others i meet as i travel.

continuing what coffee began in bringing people together

this is andrew.

he’s worked at avoca since its’ opening a little over 8 months ago. this is his first cafe job and he also fondly calls himself the dishwashista because of his skills at the sink. but don’t let that fool you he’ll pull a sweet espresso shot with precision and grace. avoca is where he learned that coffee tastes great without cream and sugar, because of the flavors that exist from good coffee beans and a good roaster.  but his favorite part of working at a cafe is creating the productive atmosphere that they provide, and by producing the coffee that fuels it all.

every barista has a different role in bringing coffee from the farm to your cup. i can’t wait to hear more stories to share with you. in the meantime, thank your barista, ask them about the coffees they offer, or what they like to drink. by acknowledging the work that goes into your cup by a barista you’re recognizing the work that went before by farmer’s and importers and the many others in the coffee chain.

check back for more barista articles in the following weeks.

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