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a cup of coffee

September 26, 2011

it is often disorienting to step up to a counter at a new cafe and order your beverage. there’s many options with many different names and most of them mean different things from cafe to cafe. while i can tell you what a carmel machiatto at starbucks is, a vanilla latte with carmel syrup on top, i’d rather tell you what a machiatto is, an espresso shot, preferably double with a bit of steamed milk in an espresso cup. completely different things with the same name. another example of this is my favorite drink which i enjoyed both in birmingham and san francisco as a gibraltar. its in a gibraltar glass and is equal parts espresso to steamed milk. its the perfect combination. when i moved back to fort worth i quickly learned that its also called a cortado and is a favorite in latin american countries. make sure you ask your barista what their favorite way to drink the coffee is, what’s brewing and what you prefer. that way you won’t walk away feeling disappointed or confused. i know those kinds of interactions are what make working at avoca fun for me, i’d love to see you there!

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  1. September 26, 2011 2:58 pm

    great article. I wanted to thank you again for winning a pound of coffee a few weeks back from Oak Cliff Coffee Roasters. It sold me. I’ve been buying it every since.

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