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a cup of barista jams

September 7, 2011

photo taken at avoca’s roasting area

as part of  my series regarding the connections coffee makes I want to focus on barista jams. baristas are an essential part of a successful cafe. they set the tone, they interact with the customers and of course they make the beverages that keep people coming back for more. this is not easy work either, being on your feet all day, dealing with whiny customers, ( you know what i mean) and taking care of everything that goes into a cafe besides making coffee can be exhausting. yet i know many baristas that love their job because they take delicious coffee seriously. they also know the impact their actions are making on coffee farmers and the people who enjoy their cafe. barista jams offer interaction,the ability to learn more about their trade, show off their skills and of course, have fun! i’ve seen many different types of jams, weekend long ones, hour long ones, fund raisers and conferences. i would love to sponsor something like this here in fort worth. any ideas for how this would work or look around here? i’m doing a lot of brainstorming and would appreciate any ideas!


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  1. Joey permalink
    September 9, 2011 1:26 am

    hope we can have one at Brewed soon!:)


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