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a cup of inspiration

August 24, 2011

this is the first of a series where i will be focusing on how people relate to coffee and how coffee is represented in different forms around the country and the world.

many people have asked me why i like coffee enough to not only drink it every day but focus on it here regularly. there are many reasons, but it starts with my enjoyment of cafes. people are comfortable in cafes in ways that are different from any other spaces. they stimulate conversation and allow space for contemplation. i loved hanging out with friends and trying new drinks in cafes (mostly starbucks but later eurotazza) in high school. in college i experienced some of the best coffee at primavera and urban standard. they showed me latte art and the first light roasted coffee i tasted. this education was furthered in San Francisco, particularly at Boot coffee, where I had the privilege to cup and experience all kinds of coffee and hear the stories of the farmers behind them. in this setting i realized the unique connection that coffee gives us to the world around us and the role that cafes, roasters and baristas play in facilitating that. i want to  foster and encourage those connections in fort worth as people realize all that coffee has to offer for them and others.

one way i’m doing this is by interviewing excellent cafes in the area. i interviewed Cultivar this week, make sure you comment here to enter to win a bag of their coffee.


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