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a cup of cold

July 29, 2011

avoca puts a lot of effort into all their beverages. they make a delicious cortado, my favorite morning coffee drink. but in the afternoon when the sun is blazing i want iced coffee. avoca delivers but not  with a basic iced coffee or even a overnight toddy, as i suggested a couple of weeks ago. instead they use the yama, as seen above, to allow the coffee to brew in an even more concentrated way that is unique and refreshing. The process takes 12 hours and because its moving while brewing, albeit slowly, the extraction rates are different throughout the grounds. creating a deeper, almost liquor flavor as described by Garold, Avoca’s head roaster. the color of the beverage reveals the dark and intense flavor in the cup.

they use the resulting coffee to make a  special form of this drink in a gibraltar glass, called the event horizon, it involves heavy cream and cinnamon that is tossed back at once to wake you up cool and fast.  i’m going to need all the variations to endure the heat ahead. i thanks for making it a bit easier.

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  1. July 31, 2011 11:10 pm

    I was wondering what that device was for – great post! And great site. ^_^

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