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a cup of links

July 27, 2011

i hope you enjoy these links from around the web.

there is a lot going on in the coffee world this week. such as this potential documentary about artisan roasters. i can’t wait to experience the behind the scenes of this interesting industry.

i love this update from ted. it looks like alot of specialty coffee was enjoyed and discussed.

the crooked tree coffee house, the pearl cup cafe and oddfellows were all mentioned in the D magazine for best coffee and cafe. i can’t wait to check out the first two and i know why the last one did so well.

while there can be lots of new fads in cafes, its hard to have staying power. the kone from coava coffee has improved pour over coffee. with its reduction of waste and improvement in taste. i’ve had it at a cafe in berkeley and enjoyed the resulting coffee immensely. i can’t wait to try one in texas.

next week i’m debuting a  roastery (the photo above is a sneak peek) and a giveaway. make sure you stop by monday to get in on the action!

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