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a cup of intelligentsia

July 25, 2011

while this cafe is not in texas i think it shows the standards i have been discussing in previous posts. i have had  intelligentsia’s coffee in many places, including texas, but i had not made it to one of their cafes until a couple of weeks ago. we drove from san francisco to fort worth and i insisted that we take the extra time to go through LA. not just through but to the heart of the city, the neighborhood of silver lake. with a uhaul hauling a volkswagen van. yes, i am crazy about coffee and have a very loving husband, thank you for asking.

Intelligentsia is one of the first  adopters in third wave coffee. a movement in coffee that follows Starbucks. third wave cafes focus on bringing out the flavors and qualities already in the coffee beans through small batches and attention to detail. while working with farmers to produce the best beans possible. Intelligentsia started in Chicago in 1995 and grew from a small cafe with one roaster to  stores in three cities. yet they use their growth to maintain high quality standards, improve education and work directly with farmers. they do all this with a humility that is shown in their interactions with consumers.

the baristas waited as i chose the perfect whole bean and let me know details about my choices. i went with Ikirezi, Burundi:Ngogomo. the location, processing information and tasting notes were included on the bag.

for the coffee i enjoyed in the cafe the same attention to detail is evident. tools such as scales and hario pots ensured that the water to coffee ratio in my chemex was perfect. their presentation was beautiful for both the drip coffee and the cappuccino. intelligentisia’s passion and drive show throughout their cafe and in their cup.

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