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a cup of cold

July 15, 2011

via smitten kitchen

Since being in texas I’m doing everything possible to stay cool. luckily with coffee there’s a lot of options to do so deliciously. i tried two options to compare. i used avoca’s medium roast mexican coffee.  for my first experiment i brewed it in the chemex and then put it in the freezer during dinner. it was cold and dark and fast but a bit bitter. for my second, and i think better attempt, i used smitten kitchen’s recipe for iced coffee. its an overnight toddy that never gets hot so the drink is smooth and refreshing.

1/3 cup medium ground coffee

1 1/2 cups water

Combine and let sit overnight. Strain twice through a fine strainer or cheesecloth. this produces a concentrate that smitten kitchen suggests you use in a 1/1 ratio with water. i liked it as is with milk and agave. feel free to play around with the result to taste. when i worked at blue bottle they add a little chicory to the ground coffee for even more oomph and sweetened condensed milk instead of cream makes it vietnamese.

enjoy it this weekend!


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