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a cup of oakcliff

July 11, 2011

when searching for cafes in the area jacob, my husband and trusty assistant, came across the texas coffee school on facebook. they provide consulting for the coffee program at oddfellows and so we decided to try them for our date. they did not disappoint. too often restaurants focus on the food and other beverages but skimp on the coffee. oddfellows, with texas coffee school, recognizes the importance of high standards for both coffee farmers and consumers. this is revealed through their delicious cup of coffee as well as their emphasis on direct trade with the farmers through cuvee roasters in austin.

 oddfellows uses the la marzoco strada which is the best espresso machine on the market. they also offer chemex and french press preparations of coffee. the barista came to our table and spoke about the coffee they sell in 12 oz bags as well. they also offer coffee cuppings for those who want to learn more and develop their palate. these kinds of conversations and education help consumers realize the value of what they are experiencing and its larger affect on the world around them.

 from their charming interior, sweet, professional staff and incredible coffee they are a shining example of third wave cafes at their best. i’m sure i’ll be posting more about oddfellows in the future.

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  1. July 11, 2011 6:58 pm

    look at this blog! So classy. You are really moving up in the blog world. How do you like wordpress over blogger?

    I can’t wait to read about the coffee culture in Texas. I expect you to scope out all the great places, and take Jody and I there when we visit. MISS YOU.


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